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 About Department of HUTLON


HUTLON Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1996, with rapid development, it grows from a small building materials distribution center in Taikang Road to a hardware industry leader with the international famous brands. Now it has an area of 50,000 square meters of modern production base in Foshan.


HUTLON has been committed to independent research and development to the international advanced technology as the standard, improve product support system, a sound marketing network and quality service system, unswervingly focused eServices hardware industry, technological innovation, imaginative ; Mingjiang spirit, well-built, open up global brand strategy, intelligence, international new marketing concept.


Today, HUTLON including Intelligence Hardware (household) and Life Hardware, nearly 3,000 varieties of products, which provides a set of pre-sale, sale and after-service platform in five star standard. Now it has now become a strong strength of building decoration materials suppliers.



All products are in strict compliance with the guidelines, approved ISO9001,2008 international quality standard certification, the United States national laboratory UL safety certification, China Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection center Certification, China Building Hardware Quality Test Center certification and the Chinese national "CCC" safety certification and other domestic and foreign certification authority. With an industry-leading CNAS experimental test center, equipped with the world's leading lock life tester, spring life tester, salt spray test, intelligent lock aging tester and other testing equipment, product quality and reliable testing authority.

HUTLON has a strong and experienced marketing team, using the "care" type of marketing concepts to improving the market systems, and build a high-quality team of distributors, developing thousands of shops. In China, HUTLON have finish the layout of the nation which is focus on” Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta”, and support by the city in North-East and West, with the well balanced, scientifically based development strategy, HUTLON have strengthen its leading position in hardware industry. On international, HUTLON go abroad and facing the world, set up store in many country and area range from South East to Middle East, Africa to Euro, South America to North, which you can see HUTLON anywhere, while building up a professional department to manage it and serve it.



In 2015, HUTLON become a strategic partner with Expo Milano.



For 20 years, HUTLON pays more attention to detail, adhere to professional, becomes the industry leader, and get endless praise, such as "China Quality service reputation AAA level enterprise", "China Building Decoration Industry outstanding hardware products", "Guangdong Province outstanding independent brands," "National Building Decoration Industry outstanding enterprises", "construction projects recommended products", "Guangdong for 13 years Province Credible enterprise "," National building decoration materials technology innovation Award "," China's building materials industry, the furniture consumers trust brand "," smart home hardware engineering and technology research and development centers "," Registrar China building decoration materials Committee units, "and national and provincial honor.


In the Internet+ era, HUTLON develop forward-looking opinions, boldly invested to the international scientific and technological research. To provide users with intelligent specialty products and five-star service, established "smart life" for customer. Hutlon promote intelligent power, and dedicate to processing technic, metal material design, bioengineering, science life road. With “produce with ingenuity and intelligent” company concept, hutlon Creates eternal quality all the time and vowed to be the famous-lasting brand.


People in HUTLON are loving , compatible, thoughtful,  and omni-directional meets the customer need, which provide the partner from door industry, customized industry, shopping mall,  with one-stop shopping convenient and full set solution for intelligent life hardware.HULON, Intelligent amount of convergence life!